Conference timetable


DAY 1 Monday, October 18th 2021

13:00 – 13:15WelcomeVéronique Rouyer, Head, Division of Nuclear Safety Technology and Regulation, Nuclear Energy Agency, OECD
Patrice Giordano, Nuclear Safety Research Director, IRSN
Ivan Vicena – Head of Technological Systems Dpt. and Member of Board, VUEZ
13:15 – 14:15General sessionKeynote addresses
Chairs: L. E. Herranz, A. Bentaib
RCCS-2021-1010Jorge Luis Hernandenz (IAEA)Reactor core and containment cooling systems regulatory aspects from IAEA standards
RCCS-2021-1020BrunoTournaire (EDF, France)Reactor core and containment cooling systems on French Nuclear Power Plants
RCCS-2021-1030Karim Osman (Ontario Power Generation, Canada)SAMG Long Term Core and Containment Cooling Strategy Application and Management in Canadian NPPs
14:15 – 14:25Break
14:25 – 16:00Topic 1Assessment of accident management measures
and strategies

RCCS-2021-1090P. Kral, J. Krhounkova, F. Lahovsky, M. Bencik (UJV Rez, Czech Republic)Safety Analyses of Events Starting from Shutdown Modes of VVER
RCCS-2021-1100P. Groudev, P. Vryashkova, I. Ivanov, K. Filipov (INRE, Bulgaria)Analysis of the Existing VVER-1000’ Severe Accident Management Strategy for Core Cooling and View on Improvement Opportunities, relating to Kozloduy NPP in Bulgaria
RCCS-2021-1110K. Heckmann, M. Sonnenkalb, J. Sievers,
T. Steinrotter, S. Palazzo, J. Arndt, C. Blasius (GRS, Germany)
Review and Perspective of GRS’ Long Term Accident Analyses with Consideration of Structure Mechanical Aspects
RCCS-2021-1120L. E. Herranz, R. Bocanegra (CEIMAT, Spain)Long term containment cooling in Fukushima Unit 1: consequences and sensitivity
RCCS-2021-1130M. Petric (Slovenske elektrarne, Slovak Republic)Review of Actual Bohunice NPP Core and Containment Cooling Systems Design
RCCS-2021-1150M. Di Giuli, P. Dejardin, M. Auglaire (Tractebel Engineering SA Engie, Belgium)Assessment of long-term containment conditions using MELCOR and ASTEC codes
Overall Q/A
Seminar Day 1 closes

DAY 2 Tuesday, October 19th 2021

13:00 – 13:40General SessionKeynote addresses
Chairs: L. E. Herranz, A. Bentaib
RCCS-2021-1040Chenwei HE (CNPRI, China)Long term management strategies of containment pressure control during
severe accidents
RCCS-2021-1050Randy Bunt (Southern Nuclear, USA)Reactor core and containment cooling issues in DBA and SA differences
13:40 – 13:50Break
13:50 – 15:10Topic 2New systems and designs
Chairs: L. Kubisova, M. Shawkat, T. Van Rompuy
RCCS-2021-1160R. Park, S. Kim (KAERI, South Korea)Development of severe accident mitigation system and technology for Korean small integral reactor
RCCS-2021-1170P. Matejovic, M. Barnak, Z. Tuma (Dukovany NPP, Czech Republic)VVER-440/V213 containment cooling system for severe accidents
RCCS-2021-1180G. Lajtha, E. Toth, L. Tarczal, T. Siklossy (NUBIKI, Hungary)Challenges in the Design of Long Term Containment Cooling System at Paks NPP
RCCS-2021-1190M. Hupp, M. Braun, N. Losch (Framatome, Germany)Fully passive long term containment cooling of VVER440-V213 reactors
RCCS-2021-1200A. K. Deo, R. S. Rao, A. J. Gaikwad, L. R. Bishnoi (AERB, India)Long Term Passive Containment Heat Removal System for a typical PHWR
RCCS-2021-1210O. Kocharyants, O. Mazurok, V. Ivanov, O. Mihaylenko (ESG, Ukraine)Study of the additional upgrades implementation for long-term heat removal from the containment of NPP with VVER-1000 reactor
RCCS-2021-1220O. Kocharyants, O. Mazurok, V. Ivanov, O. Mihaylenko (ESG, Ukraine)Study of the additional upgrades implementation for long-term heat removal from the confinement of NPP with VVER-440 reactor
RCCS-2021-1290E. Kostov, A. Pérez-Salado Kamps, C. Hartmann, D. Lauer, D. Zeniuk, H. Troselius (Westinghouse, Germany)Qualification and Testing of a Water Turbine Driven Pump for Use in a Long-Term Containmet Cooling System
Overall Q/A
15:10 – 15:20Break
15:20 – 16:30Topic 3Sump clogging issues
Chairs: B. Tourniaire, I. Vicena
RCCS-2021-1290G. Repetto, B. Migot, V. Soltesz (IRSN, France, VUEZ, Slovakia)VIKTORIA experiments on sump filtration during Loss of Coolant Accident
RCCS-2021-1300J. F. Trigeol. E. Pariaud, E. Dixneuf, A. Duprat, G. Repetto (IRSN, France)Lifetime extension of 900MWe NPPs: French TSO main conclusions regarding long term sump performance after a loss of coolant accident
RCCS-2021-1320G. Cenerino, L. Cantrel, V. Soltesz (IRSN, France, VUEZ, Slovakia)Lifetime extension of French 900 MWe NPPs: French TSO main conclusions regarding long term sump performance during a severe accident
RCCS-2021-1330A. Bersano, G.Agnello, F. D´Auria, E. Zio, F. Mascari (ENEA, Italy)REPAS application on sump clogging issue in long term core cooling
RCCS-2021-1310C. Alvarez, W. Le Saux, M. Pradier, L. Bosland, L. Cantrel, M. O. Simonot (IRSN, France)Analytical tests to study potential chemical effects on sump clogging
Overall Q/A
16:30Seminar Day 2 closes

—DAY 3 – Wednesday, October 20th 2021

13:00 – 13:40General SessionKeynote Addresses
Chairs: L. E. Herranz, A. Bentaib
RCCS-2021-1060H. Esmaili (US-NRC, USA)Post-Fukushima Severe Accident Research Activities at NRC –
Containment Vents and Hydrogen Control
RCCS-2021-1070S. Mizokami (TEPCO, Japan)Lessons learned from 1F accident by focusing on the long term cooling
13:40 – 13:50Break
13:50 – 15:00Topic 4Debris formation and chemical conditions in cooling water
Chairs: D. Jacquemain, S. Bechta
RCCS-2021-1230W. Kikuchi, A. Hotta, A. Morita (NRA, Japan)Extension of molten jet breakup evaluation code JBREAK by improving droplet agglomeration model and validation based on DEFOR-A test
RCCS-2021-1240A. Hotta, W. Kikuchi (NRA, Japan)Extension of debris bed cooling evaluation code DPCOOL for evaluating uncertainties in long-term debris coolability
RCCS-2021-1250N. L. Kharitonova, S. A. Gurbanova (SEC – NRS, Russia)Assessment of Boric Acid Compounds Solubility at VVER’s Primary Coolant Conditions
RCCS-2021-1260T. Matsumoto, Y. Iwasawa, T. Sugiyama (JAEA, Japan)Development of evaluation framework for ex-vessel core coolability
RCCS-2021-1270F. Forgues, J. Spencer (CNL, Canada)Simulation of Potential Ex-Vessel Corium Behaviour during a CANDU Reactor Severe Accident using MELTSPREAD and CORQUENCH Codes
RCCS-2021-1280R. Nagaishi, T. Ito, R. Kuwano (JAEA, Japan)Radiation-chemical consideration of effect of seawater for cooling reactor cores at severe accident on structural material corrosion
Overall Q/A
15:00 – 16:00Closing Remarks provided by the sessions Chairs